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Adrianna Adams Thankful for Experience Interning at Division of Student Affairs

Published April 14, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’21 Adrianna Adams:

Over the past two semesters I’ve worked with the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) to create a wide variety of digital and print graphics for FSU. The sheer variety of projects I worked on is something that I constantly find myself thankful for, because this job has expanded my portfolio and taught me a variety of skills that are hard to really learn in the classroom.

On an average day I’d work on one or two projects, some of them that I’ve worked on from the initial sketching phase to other projects where I’d be brought on near the end for final tweaking and edits. Working at DSA let me create annual reports, icons, billboard advertisements, email announcements, fliers, bag tags, page fliers, and a variety of other designs. I never felt that my time was being wasted or that I could have been doing more because DSA constantly had things for me to work on.

The main skill I gained from this experience is being open to trying to create new things. Now that sounds a little obvious, graphic design is a profession where you’d work on a variety of marketing materials, but DSA really lent be the tools and offered assistance to help me become familiar with the main adobe software that in turn allowed me to feel ready to take on almost any challenge thrown my way. This in turn was probably the biggest challenge working at DSA. Sometimes, I would be given a project and know that it was a little out of my current ability. Even if at first it seemed a little daunting to start some of those projects, I had the resources to help me throughout it and by the end I always left those projects having learnt so much. If anyone is interested in graphic design or advertising DSA is a wonderful place to intern at here at FSU. I am personally looking forward to working with them again once us students are allowed back on campus!