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Internship Responsibilities for Sydney Doucett Include Working with 3D Printer

Published April 21, 2020

from FSU Art BA ’22 Sydney Doucett:

During the internship my main responsibilities included working on a 3D printing project for FSU Art Faculty Kevin Curry. This involved designing and printing various pieces that would be used and assembled into an attachment for chairs that would create rocking chairs. Another responsibility included aiding in the printing of large format prints that would be laser cut and reassembled into sculptures. One responsibility I wasn’t able to accomplish due to COVID-19 was slicing and editing documents on a particular software that would be used to help Mr. Curry print out pieces for his paper sculptures.

Large Format Satellite Print for Kevin Curry

The biggest skills I gained during this experience include a more diverse knowledge on editing and printing 3D designs, utilizing the FAB Labs and facilities, and maintaining open and clear communications with my internship supervisor. This knowledge was gained from a challenge that occurred during the start of the internship when Mr. Curry and I went a few weeks without having a constant communication which resulted in confusion about certain projects being performed.

One of the most memorable experiences was going driving out to FAR in order to aid Mr. Curry in assembling a large wooden sculpture he would be utilizing in different areas around Tallahassee. My duties mostly consisted of drilling nails into the wooden sculpture to support the design. I would recommend this internship to other students if they’re interested in gaining first-hand experience from teachers or facilities that they admire or whose personal practices they believe could aid their own artwork and styles. The work pushed me out of my comfort zone and also made me familiar with areas of the fine arts realm I wasn’t aware of beforehand.