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April Cluess Engages in Local Art Scene with Internship as Art Director for Cat Family Records

Published April 10, 2020

from FSU Art BFA ’20 April Cluess:

During my internship, I have been acting as Art Director for local becoming-collective, Cat Family Records. Birthed from the Tallahassee DIY scene, they are very passionate about creating opportunities for local creatives — questioning the ways in which the art scene operates locally. With actions like paying both musical acts and visual artists, they extend a gesture of gratitude to these folks as well as an acknowledgement of their importance in our community.

I am responsible for communicating between interns and the department heads, curating pop-up art exhibits, creating advertisements, among other tasks. I have gained much more administrative control and organizational skills during my time in this role. Another takeaway is a bit more confidence as a leader. Often I work by myself, as of course there is more control, but working with so many different people and being responsible for interns has taught me how to effectively work with others. You have to be confident in your ideas and look ahead at what needs to happen in order to achieve goals. It can be difficult to believe that your ideas are worthwhile or useful, but when working with such a passionate team, you learn that all ideas contribute to the progress of an idea despite their brilliance. Each contribution in a brainstorming session rolls off one another, keeping momentum.

My favorite part about interning with Cat Family is the general vibe. This is a group of people who are passionate, caring, and put forth a lot of effort to manifest better things in the community. A lot of trust is given, allowing all parties involved to exercise their own skills and projects on a more serious scale. I think that if a student is really passionate about stoking the local creative community’s fire or getting creative while helping an awesome organization, this is a great place to start. One of my interns started out as one of our videographers and has quickly become part of the department because of their drive and excitement for the role. They constantly propose projects which will enhance their resume and portfolio as well as help Cat Family become even more engaging.