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Art Alum Elise Thompson Exhibits at BC Projects in Houston

Published March 11, 2020



Elise Thompson, Deluge, 2019-20, acrylic and glass beads on clear vinyl, 20”x 15”

Living Easy, Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine 

BS Projects | 4540 W 34th St, Houston, TX

77092 Opening reception: March 13th from 6pm – 9 pm

Exhibition dates: March 13th-April 26th


from FSU Art MFA ’16 Elise Thompson:

As 2020 proves to be the utterly chaotic and unstable year we all knew it could by the first quarter, for many of us the only or most effective method of moving forward is to grin and bear it, pretend the world isn’t on fire and try to enjoy whatever that warm glow is while assuring everyone around us we’re doing just fine. The artists in Living Easy, Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine all make artwork that presents itself with a friendly smile and an easy hello, but asks us to look a little a closer at the imperfect mark here or the uncomfortable moment there. The personal and emotional is right there under the shiny surface, hoping to catch our eye once the veneer of false perfection wears thin.