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Department of Art / Undergraduate / Computer Requirement

Computer Requirement

Updated 5/21/2014

All Studio Art & Design students will need to purchase a laptop computer. This allows students to work seamlessly on their own computer in studio classes and computer labs.  Please download the Art Laptop Requirement pdf for details.


2014 Computer Requirements


*If you are pursuing a BFA in Art: there will also be additional software requirements that may be recommended to complete specific Focus Areas for the degree. 

Please refer to the website for Focus Area courses:

Currently (2014), all Macintosh based laptops meet or exceed the minimum requirements for use by Art students. Generally, when considering the purchase of a laptop for Art class work the student should attempt to match the capabilities of the computer with the likely requirements for the desired courses. Some courses require more computing power than others. For example, video and animation courses require computers with large hard drives, fast processors and a larger amount of memory (RAM).

Apple based laptops can be purchased at the FSU Bookstore or through any outside vendor. FSU students DO receive a “student discount” at the FSU Bookstore. Additionally the Bookstore offers equipment/software bundles at discount pricing. For more information visit the FSU Bookstore on campus.

You can also shop through Apple’s website online at:

Additional optional needs include:
• Digital Camera (moderate resolution ≥ 7MP)
• USB audio headset
• Basic printer
• Full-sized mouse or Wacom tablet (trackpads make drawing difficult)
• For 3D Animation courses: AutoDesk’s Maya (free for students)
• One of the following for or video and special effects courses:
• Apple Final Cut X and Apple Motion
• Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium
• Adobe Creative Cloud