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Time Odyssey - A Collaborative Installation at the Challenger Learning Center

August 17, 2016
Mechatronics is an engineering field that brings together multiple disciplines to design objects that involve mechanical parts, electronics, and software. ...

Thomas Deans Fine Art in Atlanta Hosts Exhibition for MFA Students

July 25, 2016
FSU Friends and Family are invited to the Opening Reception for "Deans’ List: Faculty Selections of Student Works from the Florida State University and Georgia State University M ...

Department of Art MFA Student, Ashton Bird & SOUP Experimental

July 12, 2016
Florida State University's Department of Art MFA student, Ashton Bird has taken resourceful measures to foster the creativity of emerging contemporary artists in and around the Ta ...

Department of Art BFA Danielle Delph’s "If I Had Known My Mother Back Then" Gleans Wide Media Coverage

June 29, 2016
FSU Department of Art BFA Alumni Danielle Delph created a project titled If I Had Known My Mother Back Then, which involved a photo collection that caught the attention of many med ...

FAR Provides Props for ‘Blank Map’ Dance Performance in San Francisco

June 29, 2016
The FSU Facility for Arts Research provided props for "Blank Map", a dance performance in San Francisco for the National Queer Arts Festival. "Blank Map" was hosted via The Maggie ...

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