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Cutting the Edge: The Art of Grebniew Kaz Featured on ALOC Media

Published May 29, 2016
Excerpts courtesy of ALOC Media

“All of our technological advancements, our industries, our society as a whole, is where it is because of innovators and dreamers. If you’re going to do something that you feel is a worthwhile endeavor, that you do wholeheartedly, others will pick up on it and resonate with it.”

5548e4d4e5a5dbaa585b6fa432ddccd5When I first went to school at Florida State University, I initially wanted to be a tattoo artist. After taking my first art foundations courses, I soon realized that I was actually pretty terrible at drawing. As someone who always built things when I was young, and was interested in construction from an early age, I picked up sculpture pretty quickly. I had been fascinated with the music festival scene for a while at this point, and had always dreamed of creating large scale installations, similar to those at Burning Man.

I started looking into double majoring in architecture, when my school came out with a specialized program for public art/architectural art. There, I learned the ins and outs of large scale public installation, and got a job working for a local fabrication studio. Through this time, I gained experience in all forms of sculpture: mold making and casting, kiln-forming glass, ceramics, woodworking, masonry, foundry, and more.

In the midst of all of this, I learned that my school had a fabrication lab, in which I could access and use laser cutter machines and 3D printers. I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity, but never did I think I would focus my whole art creation through processes of machine fabrication. I soon found myself in what I like to call “a loving, open relationship with two laser cutter machines.”

Art is everywhere, and can be perceived as almost everything. Art can be visual, literary, musical, culinary, or comedic. Anywhere from a web designer writing code, to a martial arts master teaching his pupils. I believe that art is what drives a culture. It provides an avenue for freedom and expression of ideas and­ perception, and creates a sense of identity for a person, a community, or a whole country. It’s quite obvious that without art in all its forms, our world would be a very dull place. We as humans, who are constantly searching for answers and meaning for our existence, need art to express ourselves in ways that we don’t even understand.

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