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Alejandro Simon: Weekend of Exploration – Requena

Published March 9, 2012

A private vendor at the "The Fair of Sausages"

Requena is a small town in the province of Valencia located an hour way from my place. Recent archeology studies have found evidence of sculptures and ceramic pieces that date form the 7th century B.C. I am glad had the opportunity to visit this town or village as its citizens call it. Every year Requena organizes “The Fair of Sausages”. Sausages (embutidos in Spanish) are very famous in Spain and have a very long tradition. Mentioning Spain and not talking about sausages makes no sense. My friend Vanessa and her husband took me to this fair so I would live the experience. When we got there, at the entrance we had to buy at a moderate price a certain amount of tickets the fair provided to go from kiosk to kiosk to get different types of sausages. There were around 15 private sausage kiosks and every vendor was offering his/her best sausages. There were also kiosks offering white and red wine that one could also get with the ticket bought. The fair was full of people and there were really big lines to get these sausages. The experience was of course unique and at the end I could not only have a taste of the fair but the sausages as well.

After resting a bit from this lunch we decided to head to an underground world in the same town of Requena. In the 7th century there were a good amount of Arabs living in Requena, all in one common area. They made huge caves underneath their houses to use as their refuge due to the different wars and as storage for wine, oil and water. I was able to see the enormous pots they made for storage and it was captivating.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Alejandro Simon (MFA ’13) is spending this semester abroad in Valencia. Find more images and experiences from Alejandro’s trip at his blog:

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