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Home » News » Visiting Faculty Talk: Rotem Tamir and Clint Sleeper: Sept 22nd 7pm to 9pm, 249 FAB

Visiting Faculty Talk: Rotem Tamir and Clint Sleeper: Sept 22nd 7pm to 9pm, 249 FAB

Published September 20, 2016

Our Visiting Art Faculty: Clint Sleeper and Rotem Tamir will each give a talk on their research. Sept 22nd 7pm to 9pm, 249 FAB.

More about our artists:

The questions relayed in Rotem Tamir’s work revolve around escaping time and place and creating alternative, timeless identities devoid of history and geography. Her work consists of cohesive autonomous systems whose construction determines their own logic. Each project draws inspiration from different games, crafts and hobbies such as kite building, ship modeling, instrument making, magic and traditional woodworking, from which she borrows forms, identities and materiality.

A little bit about Clint Sleeper:

As a media artist, performer, and maker, Clint Sleeper’s work humorously ponders an end to capitalism and seriously considers alternative possibilities for picking up the pieces and moving forward. This is a process of oscillating between old and new technologies as well as considering, in a clumsy fashion, popular or difficult philosophical positions. Ultimately, this research and this artwork reiterates a sense of responsibility while upholding a brand of humor and a commitment to performing within those demands, however naive those performed roles may seem. The resulting books, videos, interactive sculptures, and performances are shown in galleries and festivals internationally.
Sleeper teaches classes in digital media that consider the political implications of new technologies and the creative potential of these systems, networks and objects. Students are asked to maintain a democratic space where they can, at once, create new work and consider the contributions of their classmates toward a better understanding of these technologies as they pertain to art and everyday life.

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