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VACI: Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution

Published March 12, 2012

Chautauqua flyerCurrent students and recent graduates may be interested in this respected summer program to apply for a scholarship. Chautauqua’s 7 week session gives student residents maximum time to work in an atmosphere created by highly motivated peers and a faculty of deeply committed professional artists selected from outstanding art programs nationally.

Tuition is low compared to most national summer programs, and there is also considerable financial assistance, especially for students with financial need.  2011 students ranged in age from 20 to 30.  Some of our participants are already enrolled inMFA programs and others are advanced undergraduate or post baccalaureate students working toward admission to top graduate schools.  College credit throughSUNY  (and often from the home school) is also available. 

Examples of recent student and faculty work can be found on our web site and in  our recent exhibition celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Chautauqua School of Art at Denise Bibro Fine Art in New York City –

The deadline for receipt of applications is April 15


–    Our faculty:  Collectively the work of this summer’s faculty has been included in dozens of major galleries and museums internationally.  They have also taught in top art programs throughout the country. 

–    Our students:  Program residents are selected from art programs nationally and internationally.  They are extraordinarily motivated and committed to their work.
–    Over the past several years we have raised more than 7 million dollars to expand our studio and exhibition facilities in painting, drawing, sculpture/installation, ceramics and printmaking. 
–   (Every summer 10 contemporary exhibitions are presented in our museum quality galleries in the Strohl and Fowler-Kellogg  Art Centers. 
–    Chautauqua also offers multiple resources not available in other summer art programs.  Working alongside studio art participants are apprentices in dance, music, theater and opera. 
–    A professional symphony performs three nights each week in our 6,000 seat amphitheater, and theater, opera and dance productions are presented throughout the summer in other venues atChautauqua. 
–    There are nightly performances with popular entertainers and guest artists, and the historic Chautauqua lecture series, often broadcast nationally on NPR, takes place every morning.
–    Studios are open 24/7. 
While often nationally recognized, and always highly respected, faculty have been selected before anything else because of their belief that art involves a lifelong process of education – a rigorous grounding combined with persevering exploration.  It is this conviction that provides art students with a genuine educational experience and a sense of the authentic in the midst of an extraordinarily complex art world.  

A partial listing of Painting/Sculpture faculty and visiting faculty this summer includes: 

Terry Adkins        
Olive Ayhens        

Roberley Bell

Margaret Grimes    

Gerrard Haggerty 

Alison Hall   

Don Kimes

Elaine King        

Kim Levin        

Stanley Lewis

Tom Raneses

Amber Scoon        

Audrey Ushenko    

Stephen Westfall 

Marc Zimmetbaum 

A partial listing of Ceramics faculty and visiting faculty this summer includes: 

Frederick Bartolovic    
Peter Beasecker    

Kathy King

Liz Lurie        

Frank Martin        

Polly Ann Martin

Chris Miller        

Sana Musasama    

Adam Paulek        

A complete listing of 2012 summer faculty is available on our website.
Denise Bibro  Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC
Michael Gitlitz Director, Marlborough Gallery, NYC

Judy Glantzman Artist

Louis Grachos  Director Albright Knox Museum

Donald Kuspit Distinguished University Professor SUNY

Barbara Rose  Art Critic/Historian

Robert Storr  Dean Yale School of Art

Stephen Westfall  Artist/Critic, Art In America

Julian Zugazagoitia  Director Nelson Atkins Museum