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University of North Georgia is seeking Ceramics and Sculpture Studio Technician

Published November 12, 2014

The University of North Georgia is looking to hire a new studio technician for the ceramics and sculpture studios. This is a full time position that will be split between the two disciplines.  The salary can be negotiated to the high twenties. The job includes full state employee benefits and access to the studios.  For those qualified to teach at the college level this position may lead to additional adjunct teaching opportunities. The posted review dates and the anticipated start dates should not discourage anyone from applying.

Applications will start being reviewed in the next couple of weeks and the position will be kept open until filled.

Please contact Trevor T. Dunn with any questions.

The person in this full time position will be responsible for assisting the Ceramics and Sculpture programs with approximately twenty hours allotted to each area. Duties will include:

  • Keeping studio and facilities clean, organized and in proper order
  • Maintaining a safe working environment and adherence to safety standards
  • Keeping materials and supplies stocked; ordering materials, supplies and equipment
  • The inventory of materials, supplies and equipment
  • Obtaining quotes for materials, supplies and equipment
  • Assisting with delivery of materials, supplies and equipment
  • Repairing and maintaining studio equipment including electric kilns, electric wheels, gas kilns, clay mixers, slab roller and basic tools and equipment. (Note: some of this equipment should be repaired by manufacturer’s rep only.)
  • Working with Physical Facilities on repairs, upkeep and new facility improvements
  • Regular maintenance of tools
  • Record-keeping – MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and equipment manuals
  • Assisting with installation of student sculptures, as needed
  • Keeping the lab/sculpture yard clean and organized
  • Mixing chemicals, resins, glazes and other materials, as needed
  • Coordinating with maintenance for recycling pickup and bulk items pickup
  • Working with the Environmental Health & Safety Department regarding safety training, hazardous material use and disposal, machine guarding, personal protective equipment, fire and building code issues.
  • Working with the Property Department
  • Assisting in other labs as required.