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In Memory of Trevor Bell

Published November 7, 2017

Trevor Bell
1930 – 2017

When Trevor Bell returned to the stormy southwest tip of England in the mid-90s, he didn’t know what professional welcome he might find. His presence in Cornwall, however, was quickly discovered by writers for the international press. “Trevor Bell’s arrival back in Britain was announced by an exhibition of extraordinary ambition and beauty,” said Chris Stephens, senior curator of London’s Tate Modern, in his article in Modern Painters (Winter 2000).   In his studios in America and Britain, he made superlative paintings that art historian François Bucher characterized as timeless—works that joyfully proclaim “the epic and universal quality of art as a meditative force.”

In honor of

Trevor Bell

we invite you to gather to remember his life and legacy
on Sunday November 19, 2017, from 2:30-4:00

If you would like to share a message or a memory for Harriet Bell and Trevor’s family, please email Photos and comments are most welcome and everyone whom Trevor in his lifetime has touched. In his tenure as head of graduate painting in the Art Department at Florida State University (1972-1996), Bell was widely respected and always generous to colleagues and eager students. We at the Museum would like to hear from you.

November 19 is the final day of the collaborative exhibition Bell & Belman.
The Museum is open from 1-4 on that Sunday.