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Teresa Lamb (BFA '12)

Published April 12, 2012

"Native Hum" Fabric, String, Paper, Wax, Transparencies, Xylene transfers, Found objects, Natural materials, Sound

“The home exists as a structure. It is a designated space that we inhabit, and the circumstances that we know growing up. It is an undeniable part of our identity, which becomes more apparent the further away we find ourselves. It is not just a house; it is as much an enclosure as it is a window. There is also a home that grows alongside it. It is the comfortable, soft space we create for ourselves as a refuge from the world, where we are safe to think and dream. Yet this home is a fragile, vulnerable place with paper thin walls, connected by a single pillar to a more tangible structure. I want to recontextualize the wasp nest so the viewer does not fear the inhabitants, but admires a creature so devoted to protecting her hive. My work is not about what a home has been through, but what it must do to survive.”
– Teresa (Flour) Kathryn Lamb