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FSU Art Major Tatum Drazen BA ’13 Interning with RAD Media Works

Published June 26, 2013

My name is Tatum, and this summer I am interning at RAD Media Works. RAD Media Works is a full-service web design and internet

Me at my desk with the essentials...a computer and notepad.

Me at my desk with the essentials…a computer and notepad.

marketing agency based out of Orlando. They specialize in website design/development, custom mobile applications, SEO/SEM, content writing, e-commerce solutions, and marketing automation with Infusionsoft (an automated marketing computer software).

My job has been to learn and work with Infusionsoft, edit content on various websites, and create graphics. For many weeks now, I have gone through Infusionsoft training. In Infusionsoft, I have electronically created my own marketing campaigns, and have watched them automate leads and revenue. I have also created graphics for websites, and some of my graphics can be seen on A

typical day at the office for me goes as follows; I arrive at 9:00 am. At 9:05 am, the whole company comes together and we have a meeting of things we have to get done that day. By 10:00 am-10:30 am, the meeting is over. I go back to my office to get started on my work. What is great about this internship is that each day I am working on something new; a new campaign, or a new graphic. I find this a

A graphic I am working on

A graphic I am working on

good thing, because I never get bored. Sometimes, my boss, Chris, allows me to sit in on special conference calls, where I can hear a free consultation about the wants and needs of someone’s business. Sometimes I leave the office at 1:00pm, and other times, I leave at 6:30pm. RAD Media Work’s slogan has always been “we’ll help start up, your start-up,” and it is fascinating to see how RAD Media Works, and the people I work alongside, take a small start-up, and transform it into a thriving, competitive business.

My long term goals of this internship are to learn how a marketing firm functions on the daily. I also hope to turn this amazing opportunity into a full-time job come August. I believe that me knowing Infusionsoft, which Goldman Sachs just invest $54 million into, is a huge plus for me in the working world.

I have learned so much already. I have learned all about Infusionsoft and other programs that are necessary to run a business like this, such as, GoToMeeting, Copy, Dropbox, Colorzilla, Firebug, and more. It’s amazing how much this internship has opened my eyes to working in the real world. I have always had a job throughout college, but nothing has been more beneficial and knowledgeable than this internship. It has been such a rewarding experience thus far, and, once fully trained, allows one to work from home. If interested in this internship, feel free to contact me at

and I will be happy to pass your contact information along to my boss.