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Tallahassee Earth Day Celebration-Creating Green Poster Competition

Published March 12, 2013
One component of the Earth Day event is the poster competition titled “Creating Green: Innovating for the Economy and the Environment.” The competition is open to high school and college students and will challenge them to create posters which address the business case for sustainability. Posters must focus on one of the three following categories:
o   Building the Business Case for Sustainability – Entries should address: how the beneficial economics of sustainability can be identified, quantified and communicated to local businesses; how sustainability principles and best practices can be promoted in the local community; and/or how the most effective, sustainable businesses operate and how can this information can be shared.
o   Green Products or Services Innovation – Entries should address: how the proposed product/service innovatively address an environmental challenge; and/or how the product/service provides an innovative, sustainable alternative to conventional products/services.
o   Better Business Practices/Processes – Entries should address: how the proposed practice/process innovatively promotes the principles of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing such as waste reduction, reduced energy usage, and/or pollution prevention; and/or how negative impacts are reduced throughout the life cycle of the process/product/service with innovative practices.
·       All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. The posters will be judged, and prizes will be awarded to the winners:
o   College: First Place – $700, Second Place – $600, Third Place – $350
o   High School: First Place – $600, Second Place – $500, Third Place – $250
If you have questions, please contact:
Koren L. Taylor, P.G. 
Environmental Programs Coordinator
City of Tallahassee 
Environmental Policy and Energy Resources 
300 S. Adams St.  A-10 
Tallahassee, FL  32301 
850-891-8703 o  850-694-8068 c