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Support the Tallahassee One Million Bones Contingent: pilgrimage to DC

Published May 29, 2013

Below is a message from the Organizer of One Million Bones Tallahassee/Florida

Dear friends,

In less than two weeks, five hard-working FSU students will be traveling to DC (along with Jon, Nathaniel, Ursula, and me) in order to place 1,000,000 clay bones on the National Mall. We will lay the bones down to honor victims of mass violence in Burma, Congo, Syria, etc., and we will also hope to use our voices to sway US policy to better protect all the world’s citizens.

My students need your help. These are the folks who’ve really made this project possible, yet our One Million Bones project  treasury only has $200 left to help them get to DC.  Up until now, all of our money has been spent on clay to create 23,000 bones and raise $23,000 for survivors of violence.  I would like to raise $1000 to help students pay for their travel to DC, as well as their lodging and food while there.

Please let me know if you’d be able to help. You can email me at or call (850/321-4657) to arrange donations.

Thanks so much for all your amazing support of this project.  And please think of us on June 8th! Jon and I have promised to lead Zone 6 of the national installation, so our team will be in charge of laying 50,000 bones!  We are certainly hoping for lovely sunshine and cool breezes, as well as many volunteers!

With gratitude,

Jane McPherson, MSW, MPH, LCSW
Organizer, One Million Bones Tallahassee/Florida
Instructor & Doctoral candidate, Human Rights & Social Work, College of Social Work, Florida State University

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