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Student seeks Photoshop and Illustrator help

Published October 14, 2014
Colin Osterndorf Polo suits designs

Colin Osterndorf Polo suits designs

Colin Osterndorf is a graphic designer seeking help from other artists that know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. He states:

“Graphic design has always been my hobby, and recently I was offered a job designing water polo suits. However, I only know how to design them using photoshop and the company needs me to transfer my photoshop designs into adobe illustrator and covert them to vector images that are ready to print. I am wondering if anyone could teach me how to do this. Thank you!

I need someone to teach me how to take the art I have designed in photoshop and make a vector image out of it that is ready to print.

I would like to be done by October 15th.”

Please contact Colin Osterndorf by emailing him at