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Skin: Me

Published March 23, 2015


skin me.

Skin: Me

Jillian Marie Browning
Series of 6 ink jet prints
Ink, watercolor, paper, pins & canvas frames

With this photographic series I explore the concept of feminine identity through the lens of the contemporary black experience. My work often deals with the intersection of feminism and race, and how the two are constructed through the investigation of social, familial, and gender roles. Furthermore, my work considers the way in which personal identity is assembled through one’s body image and racial identity.   This work serves to comment on the over sexualization of black female bodies in this culture and in turn also comment on the censoring of fat bodies.  The subject of my work is more often than not my own body, and as such the pieces function as both literal and metaphoric self-portraits. More than that, my art works as an extension of my personal experiences as I aim to communicate them visually. Thus, the body is rendered anonymous, and can therefore function as a placeholder for a universal body; as a method for engendering a discourse about relatable concepts of womanhood, race, and identity.

Skin: Me is a solo exhibition by Jillian Marie Browning, whom is a 2015 MFA Candidate at Florida State University. The show will run from April 24th – May 8th, 2015.