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Size Matters

Published January 10, 2013


Size Matters is a show comprised of works by Anne Stagg’s Fall 2012 3D Foundations class. These pieces vary in meaning and in inspiration but the one thing that they have in common is that their size matters!


A.  Stephen Winchip
Shrinking Bridges
Toothpicks, monofilament, & glue


B.  Mickel J. Pringle
Trees of Legend
Yarn, springs, metal, & electrical wire


C.  Sarah Cole
Lever 2000
Carved soap


D.  Reshmie Punwasi
Polymer clay, wire, paper, LED light, & battery


E.  Amanda Wasserman
Gallery 16
Wood, cardboard, aluminum, Mylar, paper & paint


F.  Sophia Sobrito
Uphill Battle
Buttons, dental floss, nut shells, wire, false eyelashes, & perfume sample


G.  Ephram Johnson
Black Leather Chair
Cardboard & over-ripe banana peels


H.   Jack Cavanaugh
Polymer clay, paint, aluminum foil, & sandpaper


I.  Crystalyn Hambleton
Elephant in the Room
Polymer clay