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September deadlines for HASTAC Scholars applications and the HASTAC 2011 Conference CFP

Published September 13, 2011

The HASTAC Scholars program is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students who are engaged with innovative projects and research at the intersection of digital media & learning, 21st century education, the digital humanities, and technology in the arts, humanities and sciences. We blog, host forums, organize events and discuss new ideas, projects, experiments, and technologies that reconceive teaching, learning, research, writing and structuring knowledge. For more information and to see our discussion forums, please see the HASTAC Scholars website.
More about the HASTAC Scholars program:

By the numbers:
•    Last year there were over 200 Scholars, from over 75 universities and 5 countries, including the US, Canada, Spain, Korea, England, Australia and New Zealand.
•    In the last two years, our forums have generated well over 1000 comments in total — many of which are mini-essays!
•    Not to mention hundreds of blog entries, comments and further conversations.
•    There have been 350,000 unique visitors to the ten HASTAC Scholars Forums since September of 2009.
Good results for scholars:
•    Generating conference panels from their participation in blogs and forums.
•    Geing invited to speak at other workshops, conferences and classes.
•    Class readings generated from the forums and blogs.
•    Forums and conversations used to justify preliminary exam fields and the scope of a dissertation.
•    Being invited to collaborate with digital humanities projects, civic advocacy groups, public policy advisories, university technology consulting.
•    Involvement with Scholars was frequently identified as the tipping point in the tenure-track job search.
•    Success on the #alt-ac job market (i.e. jobs at university centers, non-profits, museums, and other jobs outside of the tenure-track market).
Requirements for HASTAC Scholars:
•    Change for this year: The HASTAC Scholar will fill out the application form – take note of all the required information before submitting
•    Blog before October 1, introducing yourself and your projects, interests & ideas!
•    Report on at least ONE local relevant event any conference, talk, art project, symposium, experiment or collaboration during the year
•    Introduce at least one other technology project to the greater HASTAC community this could be a new technology, a new coding language, a new use of technology in the non-profit sector, a new game for learning, an interesting new book, etc. Share your research or personal interests, and help other Scholars learn about a new idea or implementation!
•    Contribute to HASTAC Scholar Discussion Forums, either by hosting or commenting. These very lively discussions are part of the backbone of the HASTAC Scholars program. You will be invited to propose topics for forums and to help facilitate forums, and everyone is invited to join in the discussion. For previous forum examples, see the HASTAC Scholars
•    Build community and conversation by commenting, tweeting, covering conferences, and helping organize local meet-ups.
•    Sharing relevant job info, fellowship opportunities, conference CFPs, and publishing opportunities. This community is only as strong as we make it!
Nomination process:
Applications are due on September 19, 2011. It requires the following information for both Scholar and Mentor:
•    Name
•    Title/Year (ex. Associate Professor/4th Year Graduate Student/Senior)
•    Program/Department
•    Institution
•    Preferred E-mail Address
•    Mailing Address
•    Telephone Number
•    Link to HASTAC User profiles
•    Scholar only – brief bio paragraph (no more than 250 words) that mentions research projects and interests (including dissertation if applicable) and their HASTAC-related interests and work.
All nominations must be received by September 19, 2011.
Click here to apply to be a HASTAC Scholar.
If you have any other questions, please email the Director of HASTAC Scholars, Fiona Barnett:
Thank you! Please share with any interested students, faculty, listservs & departments.

Proposals for HASTAC 2011: Digital Scholarly Communication due Thursday, September 15th

Click here to submit a proposal now.
HASTAC 2011 invites you to join this lively discussion of digital scholarly communication in the 21st century.
•    Where: Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
•    When: December 2-3, 2011
•    What: A face-to-face Conference and unConference*, featuring both traditional and non-traditional forms of scholarship, including panels, keynotes, lightning talks, posters, a digital demo space and gallery (the *unConference will take place December 1)
•    Cost to attend: Corporate: $300, Academics: $150, Students $75
•    Deadline for proposal submissions: September 15, 2011  (submit proposals:
•    Conference website: