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Sarah Jezierny (BFA 2014)

Published May 29, 2014


Artist Statement

Recently, I have become fascinated by humanity’s obsession with technology. Everywhere you go, people are staring down at the phone in their hands instead of actually observing the world around them. People don’t even socialize in person anymore; facebook and text messaging supply the social interaction now. This terrifies me. What is going to happen in the future when the iPhone generation grows up and starts running the world? I created a short animation showing how people (especially children) can be harmed when they are ignored in favor of technology. I want people to change because I am often ignored by people who are just scrolling through facebook. I don’t like the road that society is going down, and I am doing what I can to prevent it. I want to foster a discussion about how people interact, thereby making them actually talk to each other. #Verdandie
#Verdandie animation still#Verdandie animation still#Verdandie animation still