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Samantha Robbins: Interning in Paradise

Published September 1, 2011

CFA Area: Department of Art
Degree: BA Studio Art
Study focus: Graphic Design

News Item:
No summer of mine is ever quite the same. Growing up in Key West, Florida has always provided me with amazing summers, spring breaks, and warm Christmases. This summer however, was a working summer. I was granted the position of a Graphic Design intern at Category 5 Signs in Key West. Category 5 is a sign company specializing in commercial and custom sign production. I became an assistant of sorts to the Graphic Designer of the company, Bo Red, who coincidently attended FSU’s studio art program quite a few years ago.

The past couple months flew by and I was blown away with how much I had learned. Choosing such a small company to intern at was definitely a great choice. I wasn’t the intern grabbing Starbucks for the office, I wasn’t the intern placing the artwork into a PROOF template for the client, and I certainly was not one of 100 interns. I was the only intern and I was directly working with some of Category 5’s biggest clients such as, Sunset Watersports and Key West Chemical. I was given sole responsibility for small projects such as local charter boat brochures, vinyl banner design, and logo conception. Working in such a small business environment enabled me to understand the client, business, and artist relationship pretty well. Category 5 has two partner company’s, Barret Printing, and Local Awards (an engraving company). For Barrett Printing I was able to assist with layouts and print specifications. Although I did not delve into anything specific with the engraving c ompany, I spent the days watching the staff engraving, on EVERYTHING. These machines engraved on glass, metal, wood, tile, etc.

More than anything this internship was an eclectic learning experience. I would highly encourage all potential interns to work in an environment where you are able to obtain a high level of responsibility. With that being said, wherever you may end up working, take responsibility. I had learned previous interns were not as willing to take responsibility. This trait alone impressed my superiors. I mean I’m 22 and still in college, they know that. Try to impress their pants off! Our youth is impressive alone and I was always surprised by how much they were learning from me!