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“Saints of Saints,” A Community Project to Keep our Local Arts District Odd

Published November 29, 2017
“Saints of All Saints” is a community-based and collaborative art project proposed by art students from Florida State University, which involves the participation of various local businesses and artisans from within our unique district.

14 original art works created by students of the Intermediate Painting Course at FSU — under the supervision of art faculty member Carrie Ann Baade, are installed in physical spaces throughout the area, both outdoors and in local shops. Following models used with great success in other cities, this will create an art “scavenger hunt” for visitors, and a reason to discover the area by foot.

Each artist created these works from dialogs with the community. Further, these paintings will be permanently installed in order to enhance our “Keep All Saints Odd” agenda, with subject matter supplied by the businesses that represent the values, memories, and symbolism of each. Each project’s focus is to continue the spirit of our area as a destination to be preserved and respected for its uniqueness.

Intermediate painting student Kristen Valle says that her piece titled, “Local Roots” expresses the essence of Tallahassee. Taking its residence in Olde Fields Clothing Co., Valle used the symbol of the oak tree to reflect the iconic canopy roads that are present locally. Tying the piece to Olde Fields, a white wildflower halo can be seen surrounding the figure referencing purity as well as wild nature. She notes that these are characteristics she attributes to the All Saints District.

All Saints has the highest concentration of locally owned independent businesses, artists and studios, outdoor artwork, and festivals of any district or area for 150 miles around. It is the cultural district for the Big Bend of Florida (in large part because of the success of projects such as this one), and it is deserving of preservation and enhancement as such.