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Sabrina Torres Graphic Design Internship at Tallahassee Film Society

Published March 4, 2013

My name is Sabrina Torres and I am a Graphic Design intern at the Tallahassee Film Society for the spring semester of 2013. This is the first internship I have ever had and it has proven to be a great learning experience for me. The work I am required to do includes creating promotional fliers for independent and foreign films that are shown in the All Saints Cinema. I also provide the films’ information to the social media chair to ensure an accurate advertisement of all films, and I work three nights a month in the All Saints Cinema controlling the projector and running the concessions. This internship has allowed me to practice and improve my design skills, as well as develop new ones. The experience that I am gaining by working with a client and producing work that satisfies its needs, it’s something valuable that I am now able to keep with me and use as part of my résumé. This internship has also boost my confidence in my work, help me build a stronger portfolio, and encourage me to keep applying to more internships and gain more experience in my field before I graduate in 2015.
Prior to applying for this internship, I thought that my work was not good enough to help me acquire internships anywhere. It took some believing in myself and getting over the idea that nothing I had made was good enough, to apply for this internship and eventually get it. I would really like to encourage anyone that has a great desire on learning about the career they’re studying, to apply to internships and give themselves the chance to grow professionally. Internships are the best chance we have as college students to gain real working experience while studying, and it helps us build a résumé that will impress future employers and set us apart from everyone else. I am proud to say that by taking full advantage of this opportunity I have develop a very strong portfolio, which has helped me get accepted into the School of Communications for the Advertising program allowing me to graduate with two degrees; one in Studio Art and another in Advertisement.