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ROTC Job Opportunity

Published January 17, 2012

Contact Information

Name: Ramoane Jordan


Opportunity Information

Organization: FSU ROTC

Position/Opportunity Name: Designer/Painter

Opportunity Description: Project Description: DESIGN & PAINTING A MURAL

Location: Harpe Johnson Building, 103 Varsity Way (ROTC building)

What: Air Force or Seminole Concept Painting

Where: Right wall connected to the stairs after entering the building. (Approx: 12.5 ’ X 17 ’)

When: As soon as available

Neccessary materials will be covered (paint, brushes, etc) within reason. (Budget should be submitted)
Possibility of reasonable earned pay for volunteer.

Important Information: one or more people can work on the project.
Possibility of reasonable earned pay for volunteer.

Requirements/Deadlines: as soon as possible