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Right Whale Festival Poster and Design

Published April 10, 2013

Each fall, the Right Whale Festival is held in Jacksonville Beach, FL to celebrate North Atlantic right whales and their seasonal return to the waters off Florida and Georgia, which is the only known right whale calving area. The 5th Annual Right Whale Festival will be held on Saturday, November 23, 2013. More information on the festival is available at their website.

We invite interested individuals to participate in an annual poster design contest. Designs will be voted on by the Right Whale Festival Planning Committee. The chosen poster design will also be used for t-shirts, ads, and kid’s passports program.

Poster Design Requirements:
• 11×17
• Must include a mother and calf (baby) right whale.
• Physical characteristics feature of the right whales should be anatomically correct (ex. paddle shaped flipper vs. pointed).
• Artwork must be original.
• Poster should include the Right Whale Festival logo either incorporated into the artwork or somewhere on the poster (see top left of this announcement). The logo is available on the festival website.
• Component of the poster should be easily converted to two-color/ b&w graphic, as needed for advertisements and some t-shirts.
• Include white space for sponsor logos at the bottom on the design.
• Text to be included (subject to change):

2013 Right Whale Festival
Sea Walk Pavilion
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
November 23, 2013
Beach Clean-up 9-11am
Beach Run 11am-12pm
Live Music 12-4pm

Celebrate the North Atlantic right whales’ annual return to their only known calving area in the Southeast U.S. With as few as 350 remaining, there are many local efforts to protect these critically endangered whales from extinction. Join us at the 5th annual Right Whale Festival to learn how we can lessen human impacts and bring peace to the right whales that share our coastal waters!

• In spring 2014, there will be a “Fare-Whale” Right Whale Festival in Georgia to mark the end of right whale season and the right whales leaving the area. If possible, please incorporate “Welcome” into your design, since we are celebrating the whale’s annual return to the Southeast U.S. and the beginning of right whale season.

Other Requirements:
• Artist must be willing to work with a representative from the Right Whale Festival to create one color and one black and white ad for print advertisements, as well as, the design for t-shirts, and other materials as needed.
• Artist must provide designs files in Adobe Design Program used upon request.

• Artists name will be included on the festival poster and listed on the website.
• Artists will be called on stage during festival to receive formal recognition (if artist choses to attend the festival, it will be at his/her own expense).
• Artist will be provided with each item in which their design was used including posters, t-shirts, passports, advertisements, and any additional items.

Please refer to previous years posters (available the festival website for examples. Other questions can be directed to Winners will be notified by June 1st.

Links to right whale images and information:

Submission Details:
Please submit a pdf your poster via email: by May 10, 2013. Include the following information in your submission email:
• Name
• Email address
• Phone number
• School, Year of Graduation, & Major (if applicable)
• Instructor name and contact info (if submitted as part of class project)