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#RESIST at Phyllis Straus Gallery

Published March 7, 2017

Join the Phyllis Straus Gallery as they welcome Luis Eduardo and his event #RESIST. Join in on a night of resistance and unification as we all welcome the artistry of The Lessers (singer/guitarist Olivier Millour), Mariah J. Román, Max Epstein, Selena Chambers, Menika Lue, Sawyer Campbell, Luis Eduardo, Elton Burgest, Eric McNeil, and Sawyer Vanderwerff.

“[Resist] indicates unification and resistance, the sense of being together with all while also going against any disturbance to said unity. Has to do with current events, with the people against xenophobia, against homo- and trans-phobia, against bigotry and against diving opposing sides in any country, whether it be here in the States or in Great Britain. RESIST can mean many things; hence, resistance includes resisting from society, from pressure, or from the very resisting occurring in society. Unification, in turn, can be the unification of ideas that go against the very idea of unity, therefore, distractions to proper utopias. The two conflict and coerce themselves, like yin and yang. Both are necessary for the development of good and evil found in society.”

Thursday, March 9th at 7 PM – 9 PM
Phyllis Straus Gallery
2214 Bellevue Way, Tallahassee, Florida 32304