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Request for an Animal Painting from a Photograph

Published March 5, 2013

To help me give my mom a great mother’s day present—- a painting of two of her horses together in the pasture from a photograph I took.

I would love to have a painting done of some of my mother’s horses Santee and Matera (Arabians) from our farm in Georgia. The picture I have in mind (while not finalized) is one where Santee is a baby and is standing right next to her mom, Matera in the green pasture.
I took the photograph one day when I was visiting home and it is still one of her favorites. So I was thinking by having a painting done of it would make it extra-special.

Mother’s Day 2013. I would like the painting to be 8 by 10 (at least) and painted, but it all depends on cost (as I’m just a FSU criminology graduate student).

I would love to meet with someone–once I get the photograph– and discuss cost, time, etc.
I don’t know anything about this kind of project and what it entails, so I’m in need of advice.
Contact Info:

Name: Meghan Rowland