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FSU Art Major Rebecca Noyes BA '14 Interning at the Maine State Music Theatre

Published June 26, 2013

This summer I am interning at Maine State Music Theatre as a Journeyman Scenic Artist. Scenic art for theatre encompasses mixing color, Factory2drawing, texturing, and, of course, painting. We put up 4 shows each summer; this summer we are doing Dream Girls, Les Miserables, Gypsy, and Mary Poppins. We have 3 weeks for a crew of 5 to paint a show. The scenery depends on the show, for Mary Poppins, we will have 4-6 back drops 40’ wide by 20’ tall and the house as well. Whereas, Gypsy will be multiple, small units: a kitchen, a Chinese restaurant, a dressing room, and many more. So, I get assigned to different projects as my charge, my boss, sees fit. My long-term goals are to get as much information as I can about scenic art. I constantly ask question about painting and other aspects of theatre because I want a larger knowledge base. I also just want to work on my craftsmanship, which comes with practice, and I get plenty of practice here. Already, my charge has pushed my abilities; she had me working on a 6’ 6” wide by 13’ tall fly by myself (shown in the pictures I submitted). It was my first time dealing with mechanical perspective on such a large scale as well as it being my first time painting a figure. I learned some tips and tricks about setting up circles in perspective and making sure of equidistant spacing of points Factory1within a rectangle. Once the layout was done, it was just a matter of pouncing the image on muslin and inking and painting. The process made me think critically and also keep my emotions in check. There were a few times that I became overwhelmed with the task, but I was able to take a deep breath (or a short break) and find a solution. I am particularly enjoying this internship because it isn’t just about painting; it is about personal and professional relationships. I’m incredibly lucky that my crew is a family; we work out all of our issues and maintain solid friendships. I really could not be happier than I am at MSMT because I’m making art with my friends.