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Rashad Horne (BFA 2014)

Published May 23, 2014
"Wrath" Digital image of a person with their hands over their face.

“Wrath”, Digital, 20″ x 30″

Artist Statement

These creations are the remnants of a wonder-filled collision between the graphic and photo realm. I include computer generated elements with photographs, hand-drawn elements, and a plethora of paint textures to add a weightless feeling and dynamism to each piece.

My workflow greatly depends on the photo in regards to pieces such as ‘Envy’. The flow of graphics and textures mimic the photograph’s gestures which give these digital enhancements life-like existences in relation to the model.

I’ve displayed Lust, Envy, and Wrath by photographing subjects that have at one time evoked these vices and have been the face of these sins within my life. These figures have been transformed and given a ‘weightless’ feeling which alludes to the alleviating sensation that salvation brings by recognizing my personal faults. The seemingly never-ending struggle between my personal vice and salvation is what I present with these pieces.


"Envy" Digital image of a Man jumping in the air

“Envy”, Digital, 20″ x 30″

"Lust" digital image of a woman

“Lust”, Digital, 20″ x 30″