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Rachel Shaffer Internship at Legally Copied, Inc.

Published March 5, 2013

Legally Copied is a 24-7 digital reproduction company located on East Sixth Avenue in Midtown Tallahassee. Legally Copied works with all different types of companies, starting with a variety of law offices, government agencies, and medical institutions. Legally Copied can also assist architects, engineers, and other professional associations near and around Tallahassee. They help prepare mediations, trials, and presentation boards any way you want. The list of services that Legally Copied provides goes on for pages, because of their numerous reproduction technologies, including some of the most up to date printers, as well as many older technologies, just in case! (One guy brought in 100+ tape cassettes that we had to convert to mp3, you never know what you’ll get!)
The main thing that I do there is just that, make copies. Sounds boring, right? Correct. Some days it can be boring, where the only thing you do all day is scan documents and double check them on the computer. Other days there are 5 rush jobs that have all different instructions and specifics that you have to pay super special attention to or you will mess it up. Now you’re thinking well it’s just making copies, how hard can it be? Well, think about it. In your hands you hold a huge wealth of confidential information that cannot be misplaced or put out of order. You’re dealing with very important documents that could cause a lot of confusion and harm to its owners. Also, there are over 5 copy machines and 5 additional printers that all have different operating interfaces and have their own unique tendencies. There are law firms and medical centers all around Tallahassee that come to Legally Copy with their business and their trust, and expect nothing less than perfection.
One major thing you learn is how to manage your time and how pay attention to detail. This benefits my career goals as a designer or artist because it teaches you not to settle for anything less than perfect. Very small distractions can cause you to make a slight mistake which can grow to be a big problem. (Like forgetting to disengage the hole-punching function before you print a 500+ document, or forgetting to take the blue paper out of the tray before you start printing). You will also learn to predict how a copy would be produced, whether it will be too light or dark, tilted, scaled down of all different size pages. It’s a great job for networking and learning your technical skills. But the biggest thing I’ve learned here is to be patient. To be patient with technology, clients, and yourself.