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5 Year BA in Art/MS in Art Education Direct-Entry Pathway

The Art Education program in the Department of Art Education offers a 5 year direct-entry pathway to a BA in Art/MS in Art Education degree. Please refer below for a brief description of the 5 year combined degree program.

5 Year Direct-Entry Pathway (BA in Art/MS in Art Education)

Representatives of three distinct departments—Art Education, Art and College of Education—and the University’s administration have designed the 5-year direct-entry pathway, which is essentially a combined BA in Art and MS in Art Education enabling students to complete both degrees—and be eligible for teacher education certification—in five years.

The primary mission of the 5 year combined degree is to prepare art teachers for public and private school service, who posses knowledge and skills in the arts, advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in art education and understanding of the roles of education within wider contexts of culture and society.

The 5 year direct-entry pathway centers around the theoretical position of Art for Life, which assumes that the arts are an essential part of education, culture and social justice. The 5 year program consists of an educational sequence that prepares skilled and knowledgeable K-12 art teachers who work to improve education in the arts within the framework of local and global communities. The program is designed to develop candidates’ professional skills in art and art education through field observations; researching, designing and teaching curricula engagement in self-initiated professional development; developing and conducting practice-based research in education. Completion of this dual degree pathway results in candidates earning a Bachelor’s of Art (BA) or, in rare cases, a Bachelor’s of Fine Art (BFA) degree, as well as a Master’s of Science Degree in Art Education (MS), and initial Certification for Teaching K-12 Art in Florida.

Art Education 5 year direct-entry pathway courses are offered once per year and are sequenced over 3-semester periods.

5 Year Program Advising Sheet