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Professor Seeking Illustrator to Prepare Figures for Publication

Published February 18, 2015

Dean Falk, Professor of Anthropology, needs to have four illustrated graphs prepared for publication, which requires drawing little figures (keeping them simple, perhaps line drawings) to go on the graphs, and assembling the final graphs so that they can be submitted to a journal in high res.

illustrator to prepare figures for publicationHe has submitted an example (on the left), which will need to have the foot, stone, early hominid, and (just a head shot of) Einstein redrawn (I have materials to aid in this) and the graph itself must be redone and labeled professionally with the illustrations placed on it.

Dean Falk would like to sit down with the artist to go over what needs to be done and get an estimate of cost.

He would like to have the four graphs by the end of the first week of March.

If you’re interested in helping Dean Falk, contact him at and/or visit