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Powerful Show at Edge Zones featuring FSU Professor Terri Lindbloom

Published April 4, 2011

Powerful Show at Edge Zones featuring FSU Professor Terri Lindbloom

Edge Zones Main Gallery ABSTRACT, a group exhibition of  Florida  based artists: George Bethea | Julie Davidow | John Germain | Terri Lindbloom | Ekaterina Narciso | Charo Oquet | Kathleen Staples | Ileana Tolibia | Kerry Ware |  Bradley Wester
Miami, FL, March 29, 2011 -Edge Zones, one of the leading art centers in Miami, will open the vibrant exhibition featuring abstract art by ten Florida based artists, in the main gallery from April 9 – April 29, 2011. The exhibition bring together contemporary Florida artist who are creating abstract art and who employ a wide range of media  seeking discerning solutions to construct and deconstruction space, utilizing streams of flowing color touching upon the perceptions of recognizable image. This thematic exhibition was a chance to showcase the essential yet powerful effect  a form of art in which the artist expresses himself purely through the use of form and color.  There is a wide range of stylistic diversity within this nonrepresentational framework.

Terri Lindbloom takes an inter-disciplinary approach. Working predominantly within multi-media installations. His conceptual work can be at times minimal and terse. In some of her “text” drawings she has been investigating the internal “chatter” within the mind, editing it down to a few sound bytes.   The creative roots of her installations come from her drawing investigations, which need each other for their evolution.

There will be an opening reception for Abstract on Saturday, April 9, 2011, from 2pm – 10pm.  Meet the artists from 7- 10 pm at Edge Zones Art Center, 47 NE 25th Street, Miami, Florida.