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Alumni Highlights

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Jim Vendiola

BS 2002

Jim Vendiola is a Chicago-based independent filmmaker whose work has screened internationally, and whose unconventional style has garnered critical notice. He was recently named on ...

A woman with a fur coat, standing before a pool and mountains

Tracy Stuckey

BFA 2001

Tracy Stuckey received his BFA in painting from Florida State University and his MFA from the University of New Mexico. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the United ...

Matt Miley

MFA 2009

In a transparent landscape, perhaps in the landscape of one's self, my work depicts uncertainty through images of humans and animals in a state of becoming or becoming undone. The ...

Sick (Nick) Fisher

BFA 2008

Sick Fisher was born Joseph Nicholas Fisher in 1985 in Weymouth, Massachusetts but raised in Sebastian, Florida. After graduating from The Florida State University in 2008, Fisher ...

Sunny Eckerle

BFA 2011

Born and raised in southern Colorado, Sunny Eckerle is an illustrator now living and working in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. She is known for her series, Brooklyn Bodega Cats, as well as ed ...

Carlos Kempff Seleme

BFA 2015

Carlos Enrique Kempff Seleme is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Tallahassee, FL. First and foremost Bolivian, Carlos was born in Boston, MA in 1991 but grew up in Santa ...

Sherri Littlefield

BS 2009

Sherri Littlefield was born in Milwaukee, WI and raised in Central Florida. Littlefield earned her MFA in Photography from the University of Central Florida and her BS in Studio Ar ...

Hunter Jonakin

MFA 2011

Hunter Jonakin was born in North Alabama, which is where he spent his formative years. However, in his early twenties, he and a group of friends moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, wh ...

Reginald Pointer

MFA 1992

Reginald Pointer received his MFA from Florida State University and a BFA from Howard University. ...

Dakota Gearhart

BFA 2007

Dakota Gearhart is the progeny of a philosophizing mechanic and a feminist director. Identifying as a bisexual mermaid, her practice in video, projection, and installation deconstr ...


Kevin C. Moore

BFA 2007

Kevin C. Moore is a photographer’s agent, photographer and entrepreneur. American first, British second; he lives in London with his husband and two cats. ...

Ari Richter


Ari Richter was born in Tampa, FL in 1983. He received a 100% debt-free, public education, including a BFA from Florida State University and a MFA from UNC Greensboro. ...