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Painting Demonstration Instructor Inter-Residence Hall Council

Published November 17, 2015

My name is Taylor Lorenz and I am the Associate Director for the Inter-Residence Hall Council, a bureau of SGA that represents all students living on campus. We are holding a De-Stress program on December 1st on the Union Green and are seeking a student painted would would be able to teach a painting demonstration. It would be similar to “Painting with a Twist” where students could come and learn how to paint a simple design (our ideas are a beach scene and a snowman). There would be two sessions for about 40 students each, starting at 12 and 1pm.

They would last about 30-45 minutes and all materials would be provided to students including a few paint brushes, a small canvas (maybe 8 1/2 by 11in), and paint. If you have any students who would be interested please have them contact me at my email address. There will also be a $20 payment and food provided for the instructor, as well as recognition by students. My Programming Committee might want to meet before December 1st to see how the candidate would teach the painting demo. The ideal instructor would be a good teacher, patient, and come up with two designs for the scenes suggested that would be easy for students to follow.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns before Wednesday, November 18th if you are interested. Email by Wednesday, November 18th so we may see your work and you may show us what you would do.

Associate Director/Programming Committee Chair
Inter-Residence Hall Council