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Owen Mundy Featured in Hyperallergic

Published March 15, 2016

Visualizing the Purrrsonal Data You Share with Your Cat Photos

By Allison Meier

For Owen Mundy, the internet’s love of cats is a gateway to recognizing the huge amounts of personal data we share publicly on social media. In 2014, the associate professor of digital media at Florida State University launched I Know Where Your Cat Lives (IKWYCL), an online visualization of felines geotagged around the world. The project is currently part of Big Bang Data at Somerset House in London, an exhibition exploring how artists and designers are experimenting with data.

As described by Owen, “the entertainment aspect of the work allows it to evolve as a series of conversations about the role that corporations have in protecting — or not — our data, and critiques the way the web economy has unfortunately grown to depend on surveillance”.
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