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Outside Employment/Conflict of Interest

Published August 11, 2015

University Memo

  • “Outside activity” is defined as private practice, private consulting, additional teaching or research, or other professional activity, compensated or uncompensated, which is not part of the faculty member’s assigned duties and for which the University has provided no compensation.
  • “Conflict of interest” is defined as any conflict between the private interests of the faculty member and the public interests of the University, or the State of Florida, including conflicts of interest specified under Florida Statues, or any activity that interferes with the full performance of the faculty member’s professional or institutional responsibilities or obligations. Conflicts of interest, including those arising from University or outside activities, are prohibited.

Florida State University encourages faculty and staff members to undertake outside activities that will increase the employee’s professional reputation and service to the community, subject to certain conditions. If an outside activity is undertaken, the faculty/staff member must take reasonable precautions to ensure that the outside employer or other recipient of services understands that s/he is engaging in such outside activity as a private citizen and not as an employee, agent, or spokesperson of the University. A faculty member must not engage in any outside activity that creates a conflict of interest or interferes with the full performance of his or her academic responsibilities in the classroom or in other assigned responsibilities.

Before assuming or continuing any outside activity during any portion of the calendar year, the Florida State University Faculty Outside Activity Statement form (FSU Form FOA 802) must be completed and approved by the chair/supervisor and dean/director/vice president. After all necessary approvals have been received, the original of the form must be submitted by the dean/director to the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement.