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"On the Waterfront" Gallery Seeking Interns

Published March 23, 2016
“On the Waterfront” Gallery in Apalachicola has expanded its Gallery to nearly 6000 Sq. Ft. This Saturday, March 26th through Friday April 1st, Artistic Director Dana Allen will be hanging the entire gallery and would like to invite a few art students to assist in this endeavor. In exchange for their time, they are invited to display a few pieces of their own work on April 2nd within the ” Art Association of Apalachicola” outdoor display featured adjacent to the gallery for the annual “Art Walk.” They will gain exposure to the 10,000 visitors who come every year for this event and they can make their pieces available for purchase as well.
Secondly, Dana Allen is hanging a special show in late April that is open to some students to participate in. This show is comprised of up to 60 Artists’ works that where created as a result of their visit to Cuba a few months ago. This event was sponsored by ‘En Plein Aire’ Magazine and ‘Connoisseur’ Magazine and will offer a unique experience of sharing  the paintings that were created in Cuba reflecting the artists experience of Cuban life, its people, landscapes and architecture. Please respond as soon as possible for the first event as time is of the essence. Contact Dana M. Allen at