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Office of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Seeking Intern

Published December 18, 2015

Job Description

Position: Autism in Higher Education Video/Documentary Intern

Office: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Internship Credits: 3 (Spring, 2016)

Requirements: Must be FSU student

Purpose: The intern will create multiple forms of visual media that can be easily shared using both traditional distribution channels (e.g., news outlets), internet video sites (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo) and social media (e.g., Facebook, Vine). The intern will advance the project’s mission by using creative and interactive visuals to share information with educators, students, and the general public about how to improve the educational experience of college students with autism. We envision someone creating material inspired by projects like Humans of New York ( and I, Too, Am Harvard (

Job Description: This job requires you to actively communicate with team members to efficiently complete tasks assigned. Work hours are flexible enough to fit into any schedule, with only 1-hour per week of scheduled meetings. Frequent updates will be required via email and other electronic means. The intern will work with the project team to set appropriate milestones and deadlines for product development and distribution.


  • Collaborate with research team to identify and develop content for the videos
  • Develop storyboards and outline plans for video development and production
  • Film, edit, and produce
    • A series of short videos (e.g., 6-30 seconds each for Facebook and/or Vine)
    • A few 5-15 minute videos
    • Perhaps one longer (e.g, 30-50 minute) video documentary (depending on intern interest, skill, time, as well as the availability of project content)

Skills Required:

  • Access to and ability to use necessary video and technology equipment
  • Experience distributing content via websites and social media
  • Comfort working with diverse students and confidential information
  • Willingness to actively participate as part of the overall research team

If interested in this position, please contact Dr. Bradley Cox.

Contact Information:

Dr. Bradley Cox

Assistant Professor of Higher Education

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies office