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Now Showing at Cinema 475

Published November 12, 2014

FSU’s Fine Art Building has a new venue for student video and animation work – a locker-sized screening room called Cinema 475. Walk up to locker number 475 on the 3rd Floor of the FAB, plug in your headphones, and press the glowing Play button to see the latest exhibition.

FSU Art Assistant Professor Rob Duarte has been working with BFA student Katelyn Shallue for the past few months to get this tiny screening room up and running.

The two decided that the inaugural exhibition should be a screening of work by the students in Rob’s 2013 Experimental Animation course. The students, which included Katelyn, were presented with the soundtrack from an old drive-in intermission reel. Using that audio and a screenplay (but no visuals) as a reference, each student chose a segment of the reel to animate, using low-fi, physical, and analog techniques. All of the individual segments have been assembled in sequence and mated with the original drive-in movie soundtrack for this first Cinema 475 screening.

Future screenings at Cinema 475 will feature more short-form time-based student work. Katelyn will serve as the venue’s curator.

Thanks to the FSU Department of Art and Carolyn Henne for their support. Thank you also to Kirah Wiggins for her early help with the project. And thanks, of course, to all of the art students whose work appears in this first screening, “Intermission”:

Catherine Liu
Diana Willits
Ernie Harris IV
Jessica Wright
John Cavanaugh
Katelyn Shallue
Laura Dipietro
Lena Weissbrot
M. E. Russell
Maize Arendsee
Sarah Jezierny
Stella Guillen
Tyler Amato

A new locker-sized venue for time-based work

A new locker-sized venue for time-based work