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New Exhibitions Opening July 10th

Published June 29, 2015
Suzanna Winton: Life in the South – Gadsden Arts Center
July 10 – September 26, 2015
Sara May Love Gallery
Suzanna Winton’s collection of watercolor paintings depict the people, places, and objects within the Southern realm. Mostly known for her portraits, Winton captures the true personality and ‘essence’ of her sitters, accentuating their soulful southern identities. Her signature realistic style captures the life of the subject, be it a local neighborhood, a community figure, or a unique object.

Kay Cromartie: Life Masks
July 10 – September 26, 2015
Sara May Love Gallery
Kay Cromartie creates sculptural masks using clay, paper, and mixed media. She believes the head is a vessel which contains the essence of a person, their emotions, experiences, dreams, spirit, and history. These ‘inside out masks’ visually reflect these characteristics, not only to preserve a physical likeness, but also as a view to a specific time in a person’s development.
donalee pond-Koenig: Florida Flats

July 10 – September 26, 2015
Zoe Golloway Exhibit Hall
Art has been a part of donalee pond-Koenig”s life since childhood. She studied art at the Pratt Institute, and has been exhibiting her paintings and drawings for decades. Throughout her career, pond-Koenig used her art as a catalyst for her life experiences and various situations or surroundings. For the past few years, her work has concentrated on the marshlands and wetlands of North Florida, where she combines architectural triangular perspectives with organized forms of nature. In her newest series, Florida Flats, the art focuses on the cityscapes of the state which combine the harsh lines of an architectural rendering with the soft colors and textures of the southern landscape.