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Molly Kugelmann (BFA ’13)

Published May 3, 2013
The Drifters, photography

The Drifters, photography

Figures linger somewhere between light and shadow, they hover in the twilight of memory and the forgotten, they sway in and out of focus, yet coalesce as a group of strangers clear and familiar. When my grandmother passed down several boxes full of family photographs, my original goal was to catalogue and digitize the images. These photo collages muddle together memories that are not my own, representing the skewed perspective through which I view the photographs. What started as a documentation of family history through photos became an obsession with uncovering lost moments. My exploration of family snapshots eventually focused on the notion that the person in the image is no longer, it is not my grandmother, it is the ghost of the person she used to be. For me, the collages are a dance of vantage points, forever waltzing between looking forward and looking back.