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MFA Tenee Hart and BA Jen Engelfeld featured by COCA for the 30 Under 30 Exhibition

Published October 14, 2015

COCA’s 30 Under 30 Juried Exhibition is on display now at the City Hall Gallery! We’d like to introduce you to the work of Tenee’ Hart and Jen Engelfeld, two of the 30 participating artists.

Tenee Hart

Born in 1988 and originally hailing from Virginia, Tenee’ Hart was only five when she discovered her love of artmaking. Sitting at her grandmother’s feet, listening to the roar of the sewing machine, she was lured to the remnants of thread and fabric accumulating on the floor. Hart began knotting the ragged ends and wrapping it with unwanted thread. This experience began a lifelong exploration of the artistic process. The most rewarding part for her is seeing the piece come together. “My artwork is me, it’s everything I am and it’s everything I’m not. It’s my weakness and my strength—my past, present, and most definitely my hope for the future.”

Jen Egelfeld

Born in New Jersey in 1995 Jenn Egelfeld’s family moved to Tampa while she was still a youngster. Currently enrolled at FSU, she is studying Studio Art with a focus on public and digital art. As a child, artmaking served as a conduit for channeling distress and anxiety. As an adult, art is still a way for her to process new information, experiences, and emotions. Egelfeld believes that “art can teach us about each other’s convictions and what we value” and she strives to create work that can explore controversial and sensitive subjects. In the future, she sees herself fighting for gender, racial, and species equality both in and out of the studio.

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