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MFA Concert: Addison & Del Monte

Published January 24, 2013

The Skeleton in the Closet
MFA candidates, Harper Addison and Jenna Del Monte, 
will present The Skeleton in the Closet, in partial fulfillment of the Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance, on February 1–2, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. in the Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre in 
Montgomery Hall, located on FSU’s campus.

Both candidates’ choreography explores the spectrum of the human experience and reflects their research on the psychological and biological processes of human existence. Audience members will witness interpretations of daily experiences played out through highly visceral movements and visually challenging spatial and set designs.

In The Silence of Astounded Souls, choreographer Harper Addison explores the place of the human in today’s world as both part of and separate from the larger animal kingdom. Throughout, the dancer’s body is on display and is constantly in flux between uniquely human movement and purely animalistic qualities. Exploring the intersection of biology and spirituality, Addison’s work seeks to expose formerly invisible realms of existence. Ultimately, the work seeks to bring to light the intrigue and beauty of magical, mythical unseen worlds where bodies move effortlessly through space and become more than ever imagined possible.

Jenna Del Monte’s work focuses primarily on the emotional and behavioral states of the human mind and heart, looking to show how a primitive instinct perpetuates the cyclical nature of a human habit. Chasing the Dragon, features eleven dancers embodying the intense physical and mental drive of drug addiction. The Killmanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble provides the sound score for this highly athletic, and emotionally jarring piece. In contrast both physically and musically, Where you are, exists us. Extinct. is a duet that explores the emotional strains and impulses of romantic love. The true timing and essence of the dance relies heavily on the performers’ ability to move intuitively together.

Event Details

Dates: February 1 & 2, 2013, 8:00 p.m.
Location: Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre (in Montgomery Hall)


Tickets for the performance are $8 general admission and $5 for FSU Students with a valid FSUID. For ticket information and methods of purchase, contact the Fine Arts Ticket Office at 850-644-6500, or purchase online at


For more information, contact Joyce Fausone at 850.644.2449 or via email at, or online at The School of Dance is part of the College of Fine Arts at The Florida State University. For more details on the venue, directions, parking and tickets, visit Performance & Event Information.