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Mechatronic Art Course (ART4926C) Offered Fall 2015

Published July 15, 2015

Are you interested in making robotic art? Kinetic sculpture? Installations that can sense and respond to an audience’s actions? We’ll design simple mechanisms in software, fabricate them, then use them to make sculptures that move. We’ll learn about digital electronics, sensors, and actuators, then use them to create interactive installations.

And since this course is new, you can join us this Fall even without having taken all the prerequisites. If you’ve taken all the Foundations courses, you’re good to go!

This class will also make you immediately eligible to apply for the Mechatronic Art 2 class that will take place in Spring 2016. In that class we’ll work together with Mechanical Engineering faculty and students to create large scale interactive art works and an off-campus exhibition!

There are still seats available in this course!

Mechatronic Art – ART4926C Section 2
MW 12:50-3:20PM Instructor: Rob Duarte