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Max Pederson’s Fall 2011 Internship with Master Craftsman Studios

Published January 3, 2012

A chance to assist in studio projects and learn new techniques.

There are a plethora of opportunities to learn and experience while at the studio. This ranges from cast mold-making and wood-turning to refinishing and sealing terrazzo. While interning, I learned how to cast, sand and seal stone and wood. Pen Making and wax casting were two of my favorite tasks to do while interning. I also realized how to work in a community of artists and share tools and working space.

When working at Master Craftsman, you are required to finish commissioned works in a timely and a responsible matter. Deadlines are made and completed, depending on the assignment or project that you are given. One of the main requirements I realized, was working as a team to complete projects. Understanding this process was fun and beneficial for me. I would suggest this opportunity for anyone considering a career in art.