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Marissa Monivis Inducted into The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society

Published September 15, 2014

Written by FSU Department of Art

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FSU Department of Art‘s recent alumnus, Marissa Monivis, earned her dual degree this summer in Studio Art and Information Communication and Technology and was inducted into the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society at FSU. Kate Mueller, FSU News and Research Communications Intern, says, “The Garnet and Gold Scholar Society recognizes well-rounded undergraduate students who excel within and beyond the classroom in at least three of the five areas: international experience, internship, leadership, research and service.” Here is what Marissa has to say about her experiences pursuing this honor:

Garnet And Gold Scholar SocietyThe areas I chose to pursue for the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society program included Service, Leadership and Internship. Throughout my college experience, I have always strived to be as involved as possible, staying busy to maintain the momentum of my focus in school. With this, I gravitated towards leadership positions in the organizations I became a part of because I had a constant desire to help improve the organization in some way. My mentor always told me, “Lead something and make it your own in some way” and encouraged me to become a positive influence in everything I became a part of.

Additionally, I have always been a firm believer of learning through example. The classes and curriculums at FSU have offered an incredible undergraduate experience for me, but I also believe that being “thrown into the fire” is a very effective way to learn. Internships have allowed me to experience the hands-on learning in the real world that some may not be able to get in a classroom environment. I participated in an internship program in summer 2013 with a company called Onyx Creative Group, Inc., serving as a photographer, graphic designer, and social media content intern. While most other programs are very specific in a position, I was able to truly branch out and experience all aspects of an agency, and I was also able to work on actual client accounts at times.

Inductees standing in a line

Florida State Interim President Garnett Stokes and some of the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society’s summer 2014 inductees

The third area I chose to experience was that of service. When I became a member of the FSU STARS Alliance after adding on my second major of Information Communication and Technology (ICT), I found a new passion for promoting the new IT career fields that are so evidently up-and-coming and increasing in their need in today’s society. The STARS Alliance travels to both local communities around Tallahassee and across the state of Florida to promote IT career fields, opportunities and programs to underrepresented populations. I’ve worked with K-12 students across the state and helped expose them to the different options they have for pursuing a career path of their own passion.

Through this Garnet and Gold Scholar Society Program, I have learned that these experiences have not only prepared me for the real world, but they have also allowed me to serve as an active ambassador for the university and represent a cause that I feel very passionate about. Overall, the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society program has shaped me to become a well-rounded student and future employee for the real world.

My dual degree has allowed me to explore the different sides of what an advertising agency would encompass: the creative (studio art) and the technology (ICT) side. Additionally, some courses I have taken focused on project management, which has allowed me to better understand the strategic planning aspect of an advertising campaign. With this, I believe I am readily prepared to explore many of the positions that an advertising agency has to offer.

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