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Marisel Torres’ FSU Master Craftsman Studio Internship

Published September 1, 2011

MCS is an FSU fabrication facility in Tallahassee that creates custom made products and also opportunities for students at FSU majoring in different fields. Customized awards, stained glass windows, cast stone benches, handmade pens, and specialized commission are some of the many things that MCS can provide for the public. Students interning or volunteering there have the opportunity to learn all the different types of media provided. MCS also provides work study employment for those who qualify. It is located on campus at 905 W. Gaines Street, Tallahassee.

Marisel Torres, BA 2012, ¬†worked as a graphic designer. She also did some studio work and individual projects. MCS is working at the moment with their biggest project called the Terrazzo History Walk for the city of Tallahassee. The project commemorates the Civil Rights Movement. It will be featured in a sidewalk located at the intersection of Monroe St. and Jefferson St. at the capitol. Marisel aided in creating the layout design and also created some of the images featured on the sidewalk. Marisel says, “I learned a great deal on how to communicate with other workers to execute a good design. I also learned a new software program called Omax, which is used for precision cutting. The terrazzo project was a great opportunity that helped me understand who I am as an artist and what I am capable of doing, which is more than what I thought.
Another project that I participated in was for the Dandi Awards, which is an award ceremony commemorating local entrepreneurs. I took the original Dandi logo, and recreated it in Adobe Illustrator to then transfer the file into the Omax software. The design I recreated was cut out on bronze sheets with the precision cutter, which will later be mounted on wood to give out as awards. The Dandi Award project was also another great opportunity for me to explore different features in Adobe software that will help me in the future.
Master Craftsman Studio helped me gain the confidence that I needed to begin my career as a graphic designer and artist. I am grateful for the help and education I received by the workers at MCS, and also for the opportunity of being part of their projects. I am sure that everything that I learned will be useful in my career.”