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Making Now: Open for Exchange Symposium Update

Published March 5, 2014

DSC00005This symposium was offered on March 4, 2014 in conjunction with Making Now: Open for Exchange, an exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts. This event included an introduction by the curator, Carolyn Henne, as well as presentations by artists Jerry Beck, Paul Rutkovsky, and Julietta Cheung.




More about Carolyn Henne

Carolyn Henne is the Associate Dean of the College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance as well as the Chair of the Department of Art. Her work ranges from large, complex interactive installations and performances to more straightforward, discrete objects. As the curator of Making Now: Open for Exchange, Henne worked to create an indefinable exhibition bustling with movement, vivid artworks and the incandescent glow of life. She believes most firmly in the unexpected.

More about Jerry Beck

Jerry Beck is an FSU BFA alum and is the Director of Economic Development and Chief Marketing Officer for the City of Fitchburg. He works to involve the greater Fitchburg community in meaningful and collaborative art projects and programs as a catalyst for community participation in urban revitalization. Beck founded The Revolving Museum, an alternative artists-run organization that transformed unused and abandoned public space with interdisciplinary art. Through the use of humor, storytelling, and social commentary, Beck’s artworks have been described as a mix between conceptual art and folk art.

More on Paul Rutkovsky

Paul Rutkovsky is a Professor of Art who has spearheaded Art Alleys. The Art Alleys participants have cleaned and greened two alleyways in the Gaines Street and All Saints area in Tallahassee with the goal of creating “art/plant zones” and other spaces that broadly relate to the region. Volunteers and students are beginning to

photo-2research other green spaces in the neighborhood and collaborate with local businesses and landowners to determine the most eco-friendly environment to create.

More on Julietta Cheung

Julietta Cheung is an Assistant Professor of Art whose works have been exhibited in Belgium, Hong Kong, Paris, The Netherlands, and the United States. Her work interrogates designed environments and invites viewers to materially confront consumption practices. Cheung combines sculptural installations, performative lectures, video, photography and printed matter to construct conceptual interplays. She uses appropriative strategies in interactive environments to foreground reception issues.